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tinyTesla Musical Tesla Coil Kit

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Make sparks fly!

  • A kit that lets you make your own Tesla coil
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We're pretty dang excited when we get to offer you something we really want for no good reason. Since you first saw one, haven't you always wanted your own Tesla coil, too? It's not just us, right? Those signature purple discharge sparks and plasma streamers of ionized particles make our fingers tingle just thinking about them.

Here's your chance to own one. The tinyTesla Musical Tesla Coil Kit lets you learn about alternating-current electricity in a hands-on manner that's easily accessible and not intimidating. (There will be no elephants electrocuted today. Sorry, Edison.) As long as you can do basic soldering, you can build your own Tesla coil with this kit.

The interrupter is designed to let you control the pressure waves generated by the Tesla coil through your Windows, Mac, or Linux laptop. What does that mean? With just a USB cable and your laptop, you and your tinyTesla will be making beautiful MIDI music together.

And the tinyTesla comes with a pre-wound secondary coil so you don't have to wind the hair-thin wire 600 times yourself. Because we figure you have better things to do. Like play with the 4" discharge sparks this thing produces. We'll leave you to that then, shall we?

Product Specifications
  • tinyTesla Musical Tesla Coil Kit
  • Learn about alternating-current electricity in a safe but hands-on manner
  • Solid-state design for reliability
  • Shoots 4" sparks
  • Plays MIDI files and make music using the sparks themselves
  • Interrupter connects directly over USB to a Windows, Mac, or Linux laptop and operates as a standard USB MIDI device
  • 110V version
  • Coil Type: Single-resonant solid-state (SSTC Tesla Coil)
  • Bus Voltage: 340V nominal
  • Power Inverter: 2x IRGB4620DPBF
  • Inverter Configuration: Half-bridge
  • Secondary: 3.5" x 3.5", 40AWG magnet wire
  • Primary: 6 turns, 22AWG teflon wire
  • Power consumption: 50W nominal
  • Inputs: USB (as HID MIDI device), MIDI (via third-party software)
  • Antenna feedback
  • Dimensions: ~ 6" tall when assembled
  • Includes
    • Driver PCB and driver components
    • USB interrupter PCB and interrupter components
    • Pre-wound secondary coil
    • Spun aluminum toroid
    • Driver heatsink
    • Extruded, anodized aluminum interrupter enclosure
    • Power cord (U.S. plug) and fiber optic cable
    • Screws, standoffs, and other mounting hardware
    • Feedback antenna
  • You will need a soldering iron, paint-on or spray-on varnish, and hand tools
  • Caution: This kit makes high voltage, high frequency electricity when fully constructed. This kit involves soldering and working with electrical hazards. Builders under 18 should work only under close adult supervision.

tinyTesla Musical Tesla Coil Kit Videos:

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