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20-Sided Dice Necklace

This product is no longer available

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Try not to die

  • Stainless steel d20
  • On a 24" rope chain
  • From Han Cholo

No, you're not being superstitious when you stand at the counter at your Friendly Local Gaming Store test-rolling all the d20s. There are in fact "unlucky" dice that tend to roll poorly. Generally, the bias would be ever so slight. Not enough to be statistically significant. But at the end of a long dungeon crawl, it sure can feel like it.

Celebrate the stochastic wonder that is the d20 with this necklace. Made from mithril stainless steel, this pendant lets you declare your tabletop fandom without drilling a hole in or mounting any of your favorite dice. It comes on a 24" rope chain. We think it's unisex, but it's clearly race-specific - definitely meant for humans. Imagine an Orc trying to get this around his or her neck. Oy. So, sorry Orcs.

Product Specifications

  • 20-Sided Dice Necklace
  • (Technically it's "Die" but we want you to find this if you're looking for a d20, and "Dice" has less search engine ambiguousness)
  • On a 24" rope chain
  • Great for guys or gals
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 14mm pendant charm on a 24" chain
  • Weight: .6 oz.

About Han Cholo

Han Cholo (the DJ name given to creator Brandon Schoolhouse by The Beastie Boys) provides geek bling for such luminaries as Ewan McGregor, Gwen Stefani, and Snoop Dogg. And now you, too.

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