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Uncle Albert's Earring Cuff & Stud

A whir-thwhile addition to your jewelry collection

  • Buy the combined set or buy each piece individually
  • Fashioned from English pewter
  • Tempus fugits all the way to the hora mortis


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A whir-thwhile addition to your jewelry collection

If we could save time in a bottle, we'd probably do so until the bottle got full and then we'd ask for a TARDIS. Or we'd mix the bottle of time with various other things in our lab in an attempt to blast to the past, or the future, or wherever steampunk is. Maybe it's a bit of both.

This Uncle Albert's Earring Cuff & Stud set features one stud earring that's a simple cogwheel. The opposite earring is elaborate. The stud is formed from a faux 13-hour watch. From it dangles a copper-clad chain which leads to a key and a second copper-clad chain which leads to an earcuff. From that earcuff dangles a third copper-clad chain which features a little ornamental flourish.

For our customers with nickel allergies: these are made of English pewter, which is a mixture of tin, antimony, and copper. It is free of both lead and nickel. The post is surgical-steel, which is a mixture of chromium, nickel and molybdenum. The post meets the guidelines set forth in EU Nickel Directive 94/27/EC.

Product Specifications
  • Uncle Albert's Earring Cuff & Stud
  • Watch is not functional (which is good because we're not sure how to tell time on a 13-hour clock unless we're having a Midnighters moment ala Scott Westerfeld)
  • Cuff reads Tempus fugit
  • Watch reads Hora mortis
  • Materials: English pewter with surgical-steel posts and plastic earring backs
  • Dimensions:
    • Uncle Albert's Ear cuff - 0.8" wide x 3" dangle from faux timepiece + 3" dangle from cuff
    • Industrilobe Stud Single Earring - 0.6" diameter
  • Weight: 0.5 oz.

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