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PowerCube ReWirable USB + 4 Travel Plugs

This product is no longer available

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Your travel adapter should be more adaptable

  • Provides 4 electrical sockets & 2 USB sockets
  • Great for everyday use so you never lose track of it
  • Comes with 4 travel plugs (Types B, E/F, G, and I)

You have a travel adapter for each of the countries you travel to most frequently. What does it do most of the time? It sits in your suitcase or your junk drawer, wasting away, right? Or better yet, you can't find it when you need it, so you buy another one for the next trip (and then find the original). Single-function gadgets are overrated.

You remember PowerCube? Its creators have come up with this clever solution to the travel adapter conundrum. With the PowerCube ReWirable USB, you get 4 electrical sockets and 2 USB ports (2.1A each). You know that pile you have of old power cables that once ran from your monitor to your PC or your PC to the wall (3-pin IEC cable)? You're going to need one of those. Plug one end into the wall and the other into your PowerCube and voila. Power. Power you can use stateside every day.

"But wait," we hear you saying. "That's not a travel adapter!" Ah, but it's about to be. See, if you're traveling, you'll plug one of the four interchangeable international plugs (Types B, E/F, G, and I) that come with the PowerCube ReWirable USB into the wall and then plug the PowerCube into that. One adapter. Six electronics that can run off of it.

Product Specifications
  • PowerCube ReWirable USB + 4 Travel Plugs
  • Provides 4 (Type B) electrical sockets & 2 USB sockets
  • Cube shape allows for plugging in multiple oversized transformers
  • 4 travel plugs (Types B, E/F, G, and I)
  • Covers a variety of countries/regions including UK, USA, Australia, and Europe
  • USB output works with basically anything that recharges via USB
  • USB Output: 2 @ 5V / 2.1A, 2100 mA (10W)
  • Voltage 100-240V; 10A
  • Grounded (1875W) and child-proofed for your protection
  • Fuse is replaceable
  • Certification: CE, RoHS, Dekra tested
  • Dimensions: 2 1/2" cube
  • Includes PowerCube and plugs for socket types B, E/F, G, and I
  • Note: You must provide your own 3-pin IEC cable

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