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Pumpkin Carving Tool Set

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Gourd Sculpting Mastery

  • Master tools for advanced pumpkin carving
  • Set assembled by master carver Ray Villafane
  • For use on a variety of fruits and vegetables

Ah yes, we meet again, Annual Neighborhood Pumpkin Carving Contest. Here, amidst the shrieks of children trick-or-treating and bobbing for apples, a winner will be chosen. One with the strength and skill to stand against the the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness... no wait, that's something else. One with the skill to carve awesome vampires, demons, and wicked creatures of darkness into the side of a squash! That's the one.

This set pumpkin carving master tool set has been assembled by the infamous carver Ray Villafane to give you the leg up in any vegetable-carving competition. Five tools (two double-ended to give you a total of seven implements of destruction) include a variety of loop shapes and sizes to let you quickly carve away large swaths of rind or get right in there with the finest of detail. Your friends and neighbors won't stand a chance at that "Pumpking" trophy.

Product Specifications
  • Pumpkin Carving Master Tool Set
  • A collection of tools assembled by master carver Ray Villafane
  • For use on pumpkins, gourds, fruits, and veggies
  • Includes five tools (two double-ended for a total of 7)
  • Large loop tool for peeling rind and shaping
  • Smaller loops for fine detail
  • Made in the USA

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