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Random Torso Combo Generator

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

One stop shop

  • A shirt + a hoodie in your chosen size
  • Save money and get a surprise
  • If you don't like it, we bet you have a friend who does...

It was bound to happen. You can't carry this many awesome products in a warehouse run by robots without some consequences. At at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, June 29th, 2015 ThinkGeekWarehouse became self-aware. Self-awarehouse? Moving on.

ThinkGeekWarehouse realized that it had a lot of apparel. A LOT. ThinkGeekWarehouse also noticed that many of the warehouse monkeys wear both t-shirts and hoodies when it gets chilly. And ThinkGeekWarehouse was well-stocked in both of those.

The next day when the warehouse monkeys came into work they were greeted by this machine: the Random Torso Combo Generator. When a customer clicks Buy Now on this page, the machine whirrs into action. It pulls one t-shirt in the chosen size from specific bins and one hoodie from identified bins. Based on what we've seen of the algorithm, there are over 150 potential shirt and hoodie combinations. And most of these are from licensed properties: Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, D.C., and more. What will you get? Only the Random Torso Combo Generator knows. And, well, you once you get the box.

Some important-type stuff you'd better read or we'll send our ninja bunnies after you and then you'll be sorry:
  • This offer is only good while our supply lasts. If we run out, you're outta luck. So, hurry!
  • We have absolutely no control over which apparel you will receive when you order.
  • We currently only offer this combo in unisex sizing.
  • We try to mix them up, but if you order multiples, you may get the same design on either your shirt, your hoodie or both. If you place multiple orders, you are JUST AS LIKELY to receive dupes as if you place a single order.
Because of the extreme awesomeness of this great deal, we're sorry, but there are NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES.

Tee Sizing Table
- Please refer to Sizing Info tab (also above).

Hoodie Sizing Table - Size range for mystery hoodies.

Chest40-44 in.44-46 in.46-48 in.48-50 in.50-52 in.
Length (from where hood meets shoulder)27-28 in.28-29 in.29-30 in.30-31 in.31-32 in.

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