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Forge Solid Tungsten Cube

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

A cube for your cube

  • Aerospace-grade (95% pure) tungsten
  • Choose KILO or 1" Cubed
  • Heavy, man

This is a complicated product to pitch on a web site, because there's something about grasping something astonishing in person, with your own senses, that makes it even more amazing. We're going to tell you this little cube is really heavy, but you're going to have to feel it for yourself to fully comprehend how impressive it really is.

The KILO is a fun object to stick on your desk or on a coffee table, because it tempts people to pick it up, and then they will be compelled to declare their astonishment. In fact, its creation in 2015 as a Kickstarter came from that happening over and over to its creator. The little block of tungsten looks so small and unassuming, and then you hold it, and it's over 2 flippin' pounds (hence the name "KILO"). If you opt instead for the smaller 1" Cubed version, it still weighs more than half a pound. Tungsten's density packs quite a punch.

You hold it, and you're not impressed? Return it within 90 days. As long as it's in its original condition, you're good to go. But we think you'll find it a fun treat to enlighten your friends and coworkers.

Product Specifications

  • Forge Solid KILO
  • Choose KILO or One Inch Cubed
  • Materials: Aerospace-grade (95% pure) tungsten
  • Specifically, it's 95% tungsten, 3.5% nickel, and 1.5% iron
  • The tungsten used in the cube does NOT come from the Congo
  • Dimensions: 1" cube or 1 1/2" cube
  • Weight: One Inch Cubed - 296 grams, which is 10.4 oz. / KILO - 1000 grams (duh), which is 2.2 pounds

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