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Critical Hit Galaxy D20s

Invented at ThinkGeek

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Old habits die hard

  • 2016 ThinkGeek Con exclusive - ONLY for sale while TG is at a convention - either in person there or here
  • Pair of d20s flash blue when you roll a natural 20
  • You, however, shouldn't flash anyone - unless you're in character

We were SO happy to see these dice. You have no idea how happy. You see one of our employees who oversees GeekLabs had decreed, after the success of our Critical Hit LED D20 Die, that all polyhedral dice items henceforth produced by ThinkGeek shall be red. You might have noticed. Critical Hit D20 Doormat. D20 Bowl Set. Critical Hit D20 Rug. Critical Hit D20 3D Window Decal. Critical Hit D20 Mug. Critical Hit LED Dice Set. Many of us who actually play roleplaying games have favorite dice sets in other colors, and heck just so some of it goes with our decor we'd prefer an assortment. So we were elated to see this new NOT RED set. Please buy these. We don't want to go back to a single, lonely crayon in the box.

Battery Note: Batteries are non-replaceable. The reason for this is the dice are filled with silicone to distribute the weight as evenly as possible - so the dice don't cheat.

Product Specifications
  • Pair of glittery twenty-sided dice flash blue when you roll a 20
  • 2016 ThinkGeek Con exclusive - ONLY for sale while TG is at a convention - either in person there or here
  • Not cheater dice! Weighted evenly so you have to earn those 20s
  • Transparent with glitter embedded in the plastic
  • Players: It is up to your GM whether you can use them in your game
  • GMs: They're really cool - let them use them - pleeease?
  • Materials: Plastic filled with silicone
  • Batteries: Each contains 1 x CR2032 cell battery (not replaceable, but lasts for years)
  • Dimensions: approx. 1.35" across

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