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Lighten your load

  • Portable lighting solution with 550 max total lumens
  • Dimmable lighting modes with emergency strobe setting
  • Use your stuff to charge it or let it charge your stuff

One of the first things you'll notice if you ever visit ThinkGeek World Domination HQ (besides our This Is Not the Door You're Looking For sign) is that we keep it dark in here. Very dark. We like dark. Or rather, many of us don't like fluorescent bulbs with their humming and their harsh brightness. Occasionally, the landlord, in a fit of misguided altruism, replaces the bulbs and we have to go through and unscrew them all again. So you could say that we're very picky about our lighting choices.

Which is why when we recommend the NanoGrid, you know it's good. The manufacturer pitches it as a "lighting and energy hub that fits in the palm of your hand," which sums it up pretty well. Specifically, it comes with 3 pieces: a PowerLight, which functions as a lantern or a flashlight and also as a powerbank with its 4400mAh battery, and 2 SiteLights, which are 150 lumen lights with 10 ft. of cord each. When you use all of them together you can get a warm light across an entire campsite for hours (or across an entire den darkened by power outage or a yard on a summer night). Or you can use the PowerLight alone and have it function as a flashlight, a lantern, or (the best bit) a charger for your low-battery devices. These folks apparently have also hit that frustrating point while traveling when you have juice but it's not in the right device. The NanoGrid can help you get it to the right spot. And if you don't need power? Well, then let there be light!

Product Specifications

  • Combination area lighting solution/flashlight/charger all in one
  • Use your stuff to charge it or let it charge your stuff
  • Light range: PowerLight as 360° lantern 33 ft.; PowerLight as directional torch 328 ft.; SiteLight 10 ft. each (each includes 10 ft. of cord, also)
  • Dimmable lighting modes with emergency strobe setting
  • Lumens: PowerLight 250 Lm torch or 200 Lm lantern; SiteLight 150 Lm per light
  • Max Total Lumens: 550 Lm
  • SiteLights feature individual on/off functionality or dim from PowerLight
  • Outputs: Micro-USB, USB, and SiteLight 2.5mm connector
  • Batteries: 4400mAh lithium-ion rechargeable (16 Wh storage)
  • Recharges from any USB power source in 4 hours
  • Burn time depends on your charging mechanism and how you've set up the system
  • PowerLight as lantern +2 SiteLights will burn for 2.5 hours on high after a single iPhone 5 charge or 14.5 hours on low
  • Weather-resistant
  • Dimensions: PowerLight 2.2" x 5.3" x 1.2", SiteLight 2.6" x 1.1" x 2.6", each SiteLight has 10 ft. of cord
  • Weight: 11 oz.
  • Includes 1 PowerLight (with rechargeable battery), 1 Set of SiteLights (2 individual lights), micro-USB charging cable, and instruction manual
  • System will support up to 4 SiteLights daisy-chained
  • Note: Product ships in demo mode. To deactivate, press the PowerLight's Lantern and SiteLight buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds OR charge via micro-USB.

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