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Star Trek TNG Family Car Decals

Invented at ThinkGeek

There are 4 stoplights.

  • Show off your family's love of Star Trek
  • Put on your car, windows, laptop...
  • Includes 33 decals total, 27 distinct characters from ST:TNG

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There are 4 stoplights.

Do you sometimes feel like you're driving the U.S.S. Enterprise, what with the exploring strange new worlds (like Justice and the food court seen through the eyes of a preteen), seeking out new life and new civilizations (such as the cult of the soccer practice), and boldly going where no minivan has gone before?

If so, we have your family decal set right here. Throw away that generic mom with a shopping bag and dad with a golf club. Bring your automobile into the 24th century with this pack of Star Trek: The Next Generation Family Car Decals. It has all the main characters, plus some of our personal favorites from the series. There's even a Borg Queen whom you can choose to display with or without her body. Don't think too much about the implications when picking the stickers. The non-canon possibilities will hurt your head, and we don't want that. What we do want is Young Jean-Luc Picard with a full head of hair! So cute!

Product Specifications
  • Family member decals based on the Star Trek universe
  • Officially-licensed Star Trek: The Next Generation merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
  • Includes 33 decals total, 27 distinct characters from ST:TNG + a logo
  • (Lursa and B'Etor come as a single sticker, but the Borg Queen comes as two)
  • Characters included:
  • Tall characters (4 3/4" tall): Jean-Luc Picard, William Riker, Data, Geordi La Forge, Tasha Yar, Worf, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Reginald Barclay, Guinan, Miles O'Brien, Alyssa Ogawa, Borg (male), Borg (female), Q, Lursa & B'Etor (one sticker), Sela, Gul Madred, Gowron
  • Short characters (3 3/4" tall): Young Jean-Luc Picard, Young William Riker, Young Data, Young Geordi La Forge, Young Tasha Yar, Alexander Rozhenko, Wesley Crusher, Borg (male), Borg (female)
  • Other: Livingston (1" tall), Spot (1 1/2"), Borg Queen Head (3 1/4") + Borg Queen Body (3 1/2"), ST:TNG logo
    • Sticks to any clean, flat surface (best on windows!)
    • Mix it up: add TOS characters in the mix
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