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Portable Measuring Rod

This product is no longer available

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Measure twice, buy once

  • Choose the Centipede (Metric) or Inchworm (English)
  • Great for fans of miniatures or model train aficionados
  • Easily attaches to your keychain

How many times have you picked up a new phone gadget only to realize that it isn't compatible with your case? Your case makes your phone just a hair too thick for whatever device, and now said device is basically useless, because the reason you have your case is to protect your phone from damage when you're doing fiddly things with it, such as playing with this new gadget.

But you never have a tape measure around when you're buying these things, and anyhow taking measurements that small with a tape measure is a pain in the butt. You know what'd be useful? If you had something that you could use to take tiny measurements that was with you all the time so you wouldn't have to find it when you needed it.

Voila. Meet the Centipede (Metric) or Inchworm (English). Each attaches to your keychain and gives you up to 8 cm / 3" of measuring length in 2 mm / 1/8" increments. It's perfect for folks who work with small things. In the geek community, we think fans of miniatures and model train aficionados would get a lot of use out of these. It'd also be great for makers who might be working with a lot of different screws and nuts and bolts. What do you use yours for? Tell us in the comments below.

Product Specifications

  • Portable Measuring Rod
  • Choose the Centipede (Metric) or Inchworm (English)
  • It's a metal stick. You can use it to measure small things.
  • Great for fans of miniatures or model train aficionados
  • Centipede has grooves cut at 2 mm increments
  • Inchworm has grooves cut at 1/8" increments
  • Materials: 6Al-4V grade titanium
  • Dimensions:
    • Centipede (Metric) - 4.76 mm diameter, 88 mm long, 8 cm measuring length
    • Inchworm (English) - 3/16" diameter, 3 3/8" long, 3" measuring length
  • Weight: .2 oz. (6.5g)
  • Includes a split ring and a snap-clip to attach to other things

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