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Metal Suit Armor

This product is no longer available

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  • 4-piece Roman Legion armor set
  • Fits size 42 to 48 chest
  • Perfect if you feel the need to invade your neighbors

If you've always wanted to be part of a Roman legion, we have your costume armor right here. We're saying "costume armor" because we have no idea how protective this stuff would be if you went up against an actual weapon, and we don't want you to find out for us. But thanks for offering.

Meet the Lorica segmentata, which we think was the armor of choice for the Roman Legion from around 9 BCE to the late 3rd century CE. Its metal plates are held together with leather straps on the inside, which allows the armor to collapse in upon itself when you store it. Arriving in four parts, it's sort of the Ikea bookcase of the armor world. Note that this also means that putting it on is sort of a pain and completely not achievable by yourself. But, then, most armor wasn't.

Although we have it pictured with chainmail (Lorica hamata), if you're going for the "OH MY GOSH, WE'RE BEING INVADED BY THE ROMAN LEGIONS" reaction, we generally recommend you pair this with a deep red tunic. And if not that, something else soft, because there is totally going to be some serious chafing going on if you don't.

Product Specifications
  • Lorica segmentata
  • 4-piece Roman Legion armor set
  • Materials: 18 gauge polished steel with brass fittings and leather straps and cording
  • Fits size 42 to 48 chest
  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Includes 2 shoulder guards, a right and left side of the torso armor, and 2 pieces of leather cording to attach them to each other
  • We don't think this is historically accurate, so don't buy this to take part in some historical society. However, if you just wanna look like a Roman, go for it.
  • Note: Your armor will arrive in a grease coating. Remove it with mineral spirits and a soft cloth. This is not a quick process. Do not wait until 30 minutes before the party to unpack your armor. We recommend you then apply a wax coating (Johnson's Paste Wax or similar) to protect it from rust.

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