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Skywalker Lightsaber Lace Up Heels - Limited Edition

This product is no longer available

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Shoe or shoe not. There is no try.

  • Star Wars limited-edition shoes from Irregular Choice
  • Do you have a pair of heels that look like lightsabers?
  • And light up, plus play sounds from Star Wars?

Irregular Choice has always been out there with their footwear designs, but now they're so far out they're in a galaxy far, far away. Introducing the limited-edition Star Wars collection from Irregular Choice, which we're elated to be able to offer on ThinkGeek!

*Jedi hand wave* These are the shoes you're looking for. You can go about giving your business to us.

It'd be crazy to have heels in your closet that looked like Luke's lightsaber, right? Well, what if not only they looked like his lightsaber but also they flashed blue when you took a step? But wait. There's more. You can make them play three different soundfiles from Star Wars by pressing the inside of the right shoe.

They feature a leather upper that looks like it came off a bronze reptilian creature. Maybe they dyed a dewback? The vamp features rope lacing with tassels. And, with a big chunky white and black platform base, they let you look down upon those who would judge you by your size.

Product Specifications

  • Lightsaber Lace Up Heels - Limited Edition
  • Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
  • From the mad geniuses at Irregular Choice
  • Heels feature Luke's lightsaber (and flash blue when you step)
  • Inside of the right shoe has a tiny sound box - plays three different sounds - one lightsaber duel and two dogfights
  • You can activate the sound player with your fingers or with your other shoe if you're coordinated
  • Outsole of the right shoe has the speaker
  • Feature rope laces with tassels
  • The word "Star" embroidered in gold on one heel (technically the counter) and the word "Wars" on the other
  • Chunky white and black platform assists those who are judged by their size
  • Iridescent inner (like a little secret only you get to enjoy)
  • They paid attention to all the details - even the tissue paper is Star-Wars-inspired
  • Materials: Bronze, snake-effect dewback leather
  • Heel height: 5"
  • Platform height: 1.5"
  • Batteries: Rechargeable via micro-USB cable (not included)
  • Note: The micro-USB port is found under a flap inside the right shoe. We recommend you hold it in place while trying to connect so you don't shove it deeper into the shoe where it's harder to get to.

Note: We know shoes are hard to buy online. If you're not sure if you got the right size, wear them inside a bit to see if they fit okay. That way the bottoms will stay untouched. DO NOT walk in them on pavement! If you wear them inside for an hour and realize they're rubbing you the wrong way, literally, return them for a refund or exchange them for another size. Just to be sure to include all the bits that came with them so another fan can have the same joy you did unboxing them.

Sizing Table

U.S. Sizes77.588.599.5
European Sizes3838.53939.54040.5
UK Sizes55.56-6.57
Japanese Sizes23.5-24-25-

Skywalker Lightsaber Lace Up Heels - Limited Edition Video:

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