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Power Wheels Desert Drifters

Invented at ThinkGeek

Who run Bartertown?

  • Let your kids enjoy the insanity-inducing road chases of the Mad Max movies
  • Drives 5 and 7.5 mph forward and 5 mph in reverse
  • Perfect for children ages 3 and up


Anarchie and Bedlam


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Who run Bartertown?

Have you noticed your child likes to play with cars, but in a very violent and anarchistic way? Do they set up elaborate chases complete with explosions and insane vehicular stunts? Think your young child could be the next Max Rockatansky (commonly known as Mad Max)? Well, it's time to find out with these Power Wheels Desert Drifters!

Power Wheels Desert Drifters are the Power Wheels you coveted as a child, but all done up Mad Max-style - complete with spikes, spears, and other automatic weapons (of the foam dart variety). Your kids can pretend to be rogue gangs, by-the-book or disillusioned MFP officers, or just regular folks trying desperately to survive in a dystopian version of the future Land Down Under. These Power Wheels Desert Drifters have a top forward speed of 7.5 mph and can take quite a lot of hits (and driving) before needing a battery recharge. That's right, with Power Wheels Desert Drifters, your kids won't be fighting over gasoline - they'll be fighting over the extension cord. Just make sure they understand who runs Bartertown. YOU run Bartertown!

Product Specifications

  • Bring the excitement of a dystopian Australian wasteland to your children's play time!
  • For Ages 3 and Up
  • Thunderdome Traction™ system drives on hard surfaces, wet grass, and rough terrain
  • Drives 5 and 7.5 mph forward and 5 mph in reverse
  • Storage area under the hood (for survival gear, weapons, etc.)
  • MFP-Lock® Braking System
  • Choose your ride:
  • Fury Roadster (convertible) - features offensive and defensive spikes, integrated dart gun holster, bonus speed button (for a short blast at 10 mph!), and cup holder
  • Master Blaster ATV (four-wheeler) - features bolt-action foam harpoon gun, dart gun cannon, and twin dart blasters
  • Rage Rover (SUV) - features skull gear stick, face-scorching exhaust pipes, front ramming blades, and cup holder
  • Fury Roadster and Rage Rover seat two children; Master Blaster ATV seats one
  • Each Power Wheels Desert Drifters includes 12-volt battery, battery charger, and survival tips booklet
  • Dimensions: Power Wheels-size
  • Maximum Weight: 130 - 180lbs. (varies per vehicle style)

Power Wheels Desert Drifters Video:

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