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Do It YourSelfie 360° Selfie Rig

Invented at ThinkGeek

Narcissism comes full circle.

  • Take a full 360° selfie around your head
  • Supports 12 camera with a free app to take and stitch together the photos
  • Padded vest for added comfort (cameras not included)


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Narcissism comes full circle.

New words and phrases get created all the time to describe the world in which we live. Like "bullet time" and "selfie." And, just like Shakespeare, we like to pair words up and see what new things can be created. Also, we like taking things to the extreme. Combining all of these desires and the words mentioned earlier, we created the Do It YourSelfie 360° Selfie Rig. Keep reading to see how this crazy contraption is going to revolutionize the selfie-sphere!

The Do It YourSelfie 360° Selfie Rig is a torso-mounted rig to allow you to take full 360° selfies. Of course, you'll need to supply your own cameras (GoPros work great), but this rig will make sure they are all properly spaced, supported, and aimed. Load the free app into your phone and you'll be able to take a selfie all the way around your head any time you wish! Also, the app helps you stitch them together and export them as an animated gif or movie to all major social media sites. The Do It YourSelfie 360° Selfie Rig is THE rig for the selfie-ographer who wants to take the art form (is it?) to the next level. Front, back, and all around, the Do It YourSelfie 360° Selfie Rig will make sure every inch of your cranium is captured - because you never know what the back of your head is really doing! True DIY (do it yourselfie)!

Please Note: Cameras not included.

Product Specifications

  • Do It YourSelfie 360° Selfie Rig
  • Torso mountable rig holds 12 cameras (not included) to create the perfect 360° selfie
  • Free app syncs the cameras, triggers them to take a picture, and stitches the pictures into an easy-to-share format
  • Easily uploads to: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, Vine, FarmersOnly, Flickr, Google+, and more!
  • App is available for iOS and Android (Windows phone coming soon)
  • Harness is padded for extra comfort
  • Materials: Polyester and steel construction
  • Care Instructions: Spot clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent
  • Includes: selfie rig, universal camera mounts, and instruction manuals
  • Rig can support 12 cameras of up to 16 oz. each
  • Vest is adjustable and fits most selfie-ographers 4' 10" to 5' 9"
  • Camera Ring Dimensions: approx. 42" in diameter
  • Note: Users may require assistance in going through doorways while wearing the Do It YourSelfie 360° Selfie Rig
  • Weight: 20 lbs. (without cameras)

Do It YourSelfie 360° Selfie Rig Video:

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