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Vinyl Idolz: Back to the Future

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Great Scott! Or, more appropriately, tiny Scott!

  • Back to the Future vinyl figures from the Vinyl Idolz line
  • Choose Doc or Marty
  • We're holding out for the cartoon-y DeLorean

So these 8" figures got us thinking. If standard-height Dr. Emmett Brown needed to reach 88 mph to turn the DeLorean into a time machine, does that mean that 8" Doc only needs his scale-sized DeLorean to reach 9.64 mph? Probably to do this calculation correct, we'd need to know how long the 8" scale DeLorean would be exactly. Hey, Vinyl Sugar aka Funko. Y'all get on that for us? As you can see, we have science to do.

Meet the Vinyl Idolz from Back to the Future. Choose Dr. Emmett Brown or Marty McFly, both of which are 8" scale. Marty is holding his video camera and skateboard; Doc is playing with the remote for the DeLorean. Even more reason to give us the DeLorean as part of the next set. k? k.

Product Specifications

  • Vinyl Idolz: Back to the Future
  • Officially-licensed Back to the Future merchandise
  • Choose Dr. Emmett Brown or Marty McFly
  • Part of the Vinyl Idolz line from Vinyl Sugar (basically Funko) & A Large Evil Corporation
  • Materials: Vinyl
  • Dimensions: 8" tall

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