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Legends of Science Flashcards

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LEGENDS... Legends... legends... OF SCIENCE... Science... science...

  • Flashcards for you to learn all about legends of science, both past and present
  • Set includes 25 cards (10 historical and 15 contemporary scientists)
  • Printed on thick card for decades of learning fun

Some people do science to an acceptable level. Others exceed acceptability and become great. Still others can never stop studying and exploring and learning, and eventually become legends. These legends should never be forgotten, so, to help you study up on them, we found these Legends of Science Flashcards.

Twenty-five different Legends of Science Flashcards come in each set - ten scientists from the past and fifteen contemporary scientists. Let's see, there's Sir Isaac "Awesomesauce" Newton, Jane "Donkey Kong" Goodall, Charles "Super Finch" Darwin, and 22 more! Each card is printed on super thick card and features all sorts of stats (like birthplace, claim to fame, superpower (just kidding), and aspiration, to name a few). The Legends of Science Flashcards are the superstars of the science world, all rocking out in one big band of brainy geniuses from the third rock from the sun. Learn about them, respect them, and, if you can, continue their work exploring every aspect of our universe in a valiant attempt to understand it all.

Product Specifications

  • Flashcards for you to learn all about legends of science, both past and present
  • Set includes 25 cards featuring 1 scientist per card:
    • 10 historical scientists: (ex. Newton, Darwin, Euclid, Marie Curie)
    • 15 contemporary scientists (ex. Jane Goodall, Francis Collins, Stephen Hawking, Jocelyn Bell)
  • Printed on thick card
  • Card Features:
    • Name of scientist
    • Years of birth and death (if applicable)
    • Field
    • Birthplace
    • Claim to fame
    • Meaningful quote
    • Aspiration
    • Fact of note
  • Sliding storage box included
  • Card Dimensions: 3" x 4.5"

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