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Aroma Revolution Flavoring and Pairing Kit

This product is no longer available

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You are what you... smell!

  • Use the special forks and aromas to add sensory experiences to your dining
  • 4 AROMAFORKS™ and 21 selected aromas included
  • Make your meals more sensuous

Everyone knows smell is a very important part of eating. This is because your nose is capable of distinguishing between more subtle flavors, more than your mouth can. But what happens when you eat food? You smell it and then cram it into your mouth. And then you're just tasting it. You lose all that valuable olfactory information. Well, it's time to knock your meals up a notch with the Aroma Revolution Flavoring and Pairing Kit.

The Aroma Revolution Flavoring and Pairing Kit comes with 4 AROMAFORKs and 21 different aromas. Add a drop of an aroma (for example: chocolate) to a diffusing paper and place that in the AROMAFORK's special holder. This holder lines right up with your nose. So, when you are taking a bite of your strawberry cheesecake, you'll be tasting the strawberry and the cheesecake, but you'll also be smelling chocolate. Your brain will combine all these sensory inputs into one amazing bite of dessert. But the Aroma Revolution Flavoring and Pairing Kit isn't just for dessert. With aromas including different fruits, herbs, spices, and more, the Aroma Revolution Flavoring and Pairing Kit will elevate your meals into a realm you never thought you could experience.

Product Specifications

  • Trick your mind and forever change the way you perceive flavors, as you add carefully planned aromas to your dining experience
  • Care Instruction: Forks are dishwasher safe
  • Includes:
    • 21 selected aromas
    • 4 droppers
    • 50 diffusing papers
    • 1 multi-sensory evening program
  • Aromas Includes:
    • 3 "Beans" aromas - chocolate, coffee, and vanilla
    • 4 "Fruits" aromas - banana, lychee, passion fruit, and strawberry
    • 3 "Herbs" aromas - basil, cilantro, and mint
    • 3 "Nuts" aromas - almond, coconut, and peanut
    • 4 "Spices" aromas - black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, and wasabi
    • 4 "Umami" aromas - butter, olive oil, smoke, and truffle

Aroma Revolution Flavoring and Pairing Kit Video:

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