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Fotorama Marvel Spider-Man Game

This product is no longer available

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Rhino attack!

  • Spider-Man turns and moves his arm to project the Rhino all over your walls
  • Shoot the Rhino as many times as you can in 90 seconds
  • Three skill levels

Spider-Man is ready to be your personal trainer. He'll sit in the middle of your room (well, sort of action-crouch, actually), turn in circles, and project an image of the Rhino somewhere in your room. Using your Spider-Blaster, shoot the image. Boom - you've scored a point, Spider-Man has rotated, projected another image of the Rhino, and it's time for you to shoot him again. This is how Spidey will train you in the Fotorama Marvel Spider-Man Game!

Fotorama Marvel Spider-Man Game is a game where you try to see how many times you can shoot the Rhino in 90 seconds. Spider-Man really will turn all over, raising and lowering his arm, as he projects the Rhino on your walls. Your Spider-Blaster has fires six shots (and then you must hit the reload button) and it keeps track of all your hits. With three skill levels, the Fotorama Marvel Spider-Man Game is ready to keep you on your toes. And hey, if you have friends, you can all take turns playing and see who got the highest score. Because with the Fotorama Marvel Spider-Man Game, the person with the highest score gets to be Spider-Man's best friend for the day. Or, at least, until someone gets a higher score.

Product Specifications

  • For Ages 5 and Up
  • Spider-Man will project the Rhino on the walls. Shoot him as many times as you can in 90 seconds
  • Spider-Man rotates and raises his arm to project the Rhino all over the place
  • Blaster counts the hits
  • Compete to see who can hit the Rhino the most
  • 3 different skill levels
  • Officially-licensed Marvel game
  • For best results, set Spider-Man on a table and stay within 8 feet away of the target
  • Number of Players: 1+
  • Batteries: 4 x AA (base) - 3 x AAA (shooter)
  • Dimensions:
    • Spider-Man Unit: approx. 6" x 6" x 7"
    • Blaster: approx. 7.25" long (fits into most kid and small adult hands)

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