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Avenger Reflex Controller Adapter

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Blow away the competition!

  • External adapter for your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller
  • Improves accuracy, agility, and reaction time
  • Customizable to fit your hands & play style

We could wax on about how much fun/annoying it is playing networked games and the reasons why some of us have a Friends Only policy for online gaming. But that would take up room that we could use to say how friggin' awesome the Avenger is and why it's going to make you a gaming god/dess.

The Avenger is an external adapter. It snaps on over your existing PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller and will improve your situational awareness, accuracy, agility, and reaction time. The Avenger allows for rapid, fluid movements between individual buttons and analog sticks.

If you remember the previous model, this one features an improved arm configuration and a new trigger design for tournament-legal rapid fire capability. Also, it features not being even remotely associated with Ocean Marketing.

Got bigger or smaller hands than the average gamer? Avenger lets you customize your controller to perfectly fit your digits. After you've created the perfect fit, run around in your favorite FPS and take some practice shots. Be warned, though! It's a bit like hopping into a race car when you're used to driving a beater. Take a bit of time to get used to the advanced rapid fire capabilities. Then challenge your friends to a "casual game." Muhahahaha.

Product Specifications

  • Adapter that makes your current controller more strategically effective
  • Choose from PlayStation 4 or Xbox One
  • Allows you to perform button combos without moving thumbs from analogs
  • Enjoy instantly improved ADS (Aim Down Sights) speed and increased fire rates
  • Remap buttons so they're closer to your fingers
  • Enjoy better situational awareness and greater accuracy
  • Great for power gamers
  • Also provides options for gamers who have disabilities

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