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Bismuth Crystal

This product is no longer available

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Oooh, sparkly

  • One pretty, iridescent bismuth crystal
  • Natural variations will occur
  • If you don't like yours, do science to it!

We bet you have this pretty thing in your medicine cabinet, and you didn't even know it. We'll give you a hint: Pepto.... Yup. That pink stuff? Has bismuth in it.

Bismuth's also used as a substitute for lead in many applications, like solder and paint. In fact, there is bismuth ammunition. Presumably, like werewolves and silver bullets, you load up the shotgun with bismuth when you need to take down a rampaging unicorn.

When found in nature, bismuth is a silvery-pinkish-white metal, not this crazy iridescent thing you see here. That's because, just like chemistry teacher Walter White taught us, purity matters, and in the wild bismuth ore is mixed with all sorts of other elements. It's only when isolated that it forms this distinctive form, called a hopper crystal, a hollow latticework. You have to wonder what the first person who got it to do this thought. Although, honestly, it was probably an alchemist who thought, "Dang it. That's not gold."

Each bismuth crystal will be unique, because that's how nature works. However, if you don't like your particular bismuth crystal, because of bismuth's relatively low melting point, you can melt it down yourself and try again. You can do science to it! Just be careful when playing with molten metal, please.

Product Specifications

  • One pretty, iridescent bismuth crystal
  • Natural variations will occur
  • Ours was ~1 1/2" tall
  • Box includes information card about the sample

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