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Wooden Mechanical Clock Kit

This product is no longer available

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Tick tock. Tick tock.

  • Build your own wooden clock
  • It uses a pendulum and weight to keep time
  • An advanced kit for the serious DIY horologist

Wooden Mechanical Clock

Galileo Galilei was a rockin' guy. Apart from coming up with (or finding evidence to support) a bajillion things (like discovering where exactly boys go to get more stupider), he also came up with initial designs for a pendulum clock. Alas, he died before it could be built (as did his son), which is ok, because it wouldn't have worked well. But his designs DID help Christiaan Huygens build a working pendulum clock in 1656 - a style which (with some improvements over the years) was the most accurate method of time keeping through 1927 (when the quartz clock was invented). And now you can build a pendulum clock of your very own with this Wooden Mechanical Clock Kit!

This is not a kit for the faint of heart, but the reward for your hard work and patience will be awe-inspiring. To assemble your Wooden Mechanical Clock Kit, you'll sand and glue and cut and grease your gears (using a graphite pencil, which is pretty cool). And if you follow all the steps, you'll have a wooden clock on your wall, which you built. Heck, if you get two Wooden Mechanical Clock Kits, you can use the first one to time how long it takes you to build the second one! Put together a Wooden Mechanical Clock Kit and you'll be connected to Galileo and Christiaan in a way that transcends time (or something)!

Product Specifications

  • Build an awesome, fully-functional, wooden pendulum clock
  • And it even tells time (with two fixed hands pointing to wheels that correspond to the hour and minute)
  • This is a clock that you will need to wind up
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Includes: Over 100 parts, pencil, sandpaper, fully-illustrated instructions (including mounting template)
  • Supplies Needed: Glue, Razor Saw, Counterweight Material (BBs, metal shot, fishing weights, etc.), Patience
  • Completed Dimensions: approx. 13" x 9" x 3" with a 51" pendulum
  • Materials: Birch and Poplar

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