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The Chocolution Exploration Kits

This product is no longer available

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Explore the magic of chocolate

  • These kits explore the tastes, history, and magic of chocolate
  • Three different kits to choose from
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

The human enjoyment of chocolate dates from before the time of the Olmecs, Mayans, Aztecs, and Incans. More than 3000 years ago, folks in Mexico, Central, and South America discovered the joyous and healthful properties of the cacao plant. Alas, though, most of the things we know as chocolate today are processed so much with sugar and chemicals, that much of the healthy (and delicious) goodness of cacao is lost. Time to return to the past - the true roots of chocolate; time to taste chocolate as it was when Christopher Columbus (one of the first Europeans to every sample the stuff) first had a sip of Aztec liquid chocolate. Get ready to take a journey through all-natural chemistry to a time when chocolate was chocolate. Get ready for The Chocolution Exploration Kits.

Three different kits await you in this line of Chocolution Exploration Kits. First up, is the Chocolate Drink Time Traveler kit. This kit will take you on a journey with chocolate through the centuries, from deep in the Amazon jungle to the Royal Courts of Europe with 4000 years of authentic liquid chocolate appreciation. Then there's the Cacao Bean Botanist kit. This one will get you familiar with chocolate's magical raw material: the cacao bean. You'll enjoy a selection of 4 of the world's finest cacao beans for you to roast, taste-test, and experiment with in 7 different ways. And finally, there's the Raw Chocolate Explorer kit. With this kit, you'll create 3 types of nutritious raw chocolate while learning about the range of natural cacao products processed directly from the bean. The Chocolution Exploration Kits are ready to take you to the real magical world of chocolate (golden ticket not required).

Product Specifications

  • Three kits to help you explore the tastes, history, and magic of chocolate
  • Free from:
    • Refined Sugar
    • Gluten
    • Dairy
    • Animal products
    • Soya
    • Lactose
    • Preservatives
    • Colourings
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Chocolate Drink Time Traveller Kit Contents:
    • Information and recipe leaflet
    • 6 x 22g Chocolate tablets:
    • Cacao mass, cacao butter, coconut palm sugar, cacao solids 70%
    • Enclosed spices / flavours:
      • Cornmeal
      • Chilli powder
      • Black pepper ground
      • Jasmine flowers
      • Lemon peel ground
      • Nutmeg ground
      • Anise ground
      • Almond ground
      • Cinnamon ground
      • Vanilla ground
  • Cacao Bean Botanist Kit Contents:
    • Information and recipe leaflet
    • 100ml Sweet Freedom: 100% natural sweetener
    • 50g Arriba Beans: Heirloom variety, Ecuador
    • 50g Criollo Beans: Creole variety, Peru
    • 50g Trinitario Beans: Millot plantation, Madagascar
    • 50g Trinitario Beans: Carupano Corona, Venezuela
  • Raw Chocolate Explorer Contents:
    • Information and recipe leaflet.
    • 100ml Sweet Freedom: 100% natural sweetener
    • 50g Cacao Beans: Ecuador, Arriba
    • 50g Cacao Mass: Ecuador, Arriba
    • 50g Cacao Butter: Ecuador, Arriba
    • 50g Cacao Powder: Ecuador, Arriba
  • Kit Net Wt.: 300g
  • Hand packed in the UK

The Chocolution Exploration Kits Videos:

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