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Supernatural Ouija

This product is no longer available

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"God, I feel like I'm at a slumber party."

  • Ouija board styled after one on Supernatural
  • Not guaranteed to contact the other side
  • Which you know is actually a feature

Spirit Board

In this episode Sam uses a spirit board to communicate with Dean. A spirit board, commonly referred to as a Ouija board, a name trademarked by Parker Brothers, is a board that is used as a tool to contact spirits. The fingers of the participants are placed on the planchette, the triangle or heart shaped pointer that is used, which then moves around a board covered with numbers, letters and symbols in order to spell out messages.
– Entry for "In My Time of Dying" from the Pad of Definitions

So occasionally the good guys are stuck in the otherworldly realms, and you need to talk to them. That's one of the times when a Ouija board can come in handy. Well, then and at a preteen slumber party. This board, inspired by one seen on Supernatural will help you reveal truths from beyond the veil, even if your last name isn't "Winchester."

Product Specifications

  • Inspired by the spirit board on the Supernatural TV series
  • Officially-licensed Supernatural merchandise
  • For 2-4 players
  • Ages 8+
  • Includes:
    • Ouija board
    • Planchette
    • Instructions
  • Does not include:
    • Bandaids for your neck

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