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Solarbotics Perpetual Motion Marble Kit

This product is no longer available

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Almost perpetual motion... almost

  • Solar powered machine moves marbles with solar power
  • DIY kit for you to build and love
  • Won't stop unless it gets dark

Ever since motion was invented, people have wanted to build machines where it never stops. Alas, there are many things which prevent this from happening (which we can sum up in one word: science). BUT, there are a lot of people out in the world who don't know about this science thing, and who will believe anything anyone tells them or sort of shows them. Your job is to get this Solarbotics Perpetual Motion Marble Kit, enjoy putting it together, and then show it to these believers of bunk and convince them you've created perpetual motion. Just for fun.

All joking aside, the Solarbotics Perpetual Motion Marble Kit is a really enjoyable kit. Easy to put together with some solder, glue, and tools you have at home, you'll have a super keen solar powered device on your desk. Working with original designer Martin Raynsford, Solarbotics has developed this keen kit. Once built, the Solarbotics Perpetual Motion Marble Kit will collect energy from its solar cell. Then, it will release that energy in pulses turning the gear wheel. The gear wheel elevates marbles to the top and then drops them down a super fun (if you're a marble) twisty slide. If you are in bright sunlight, the pulses will cause a ball to drop every minute (less if you are using indoor light). The Solarbotics Perpetual Motion Marble Kit - convince the world you have conquered science!

Product Specifications

  • For Ages 12 and Up
  • A perpetual motion-looking machine, which uses sunlight to power motors to move marbles
  • Easy to build, with engraved building notes
  • Solar-powered or hand-crank operation
  • Operates in indoor light!
  • 3/8" steel balls for rolling
  • Includes:
    • 1 x Set of wooden parts
    • 1 x GM9 motor
    • 2 x #4 x 1/2" screws
    • 7 x 3/8" Balls
    • 1 x 4700µF capacitor
    • 1 x Diode
    • 1 x PN222A transistor
    • 1 x 381L trigger
    • 1 x 6.8µF capacitor
    • 1 x 2-conductor wire
    • 1 x Double-sided sticky tape
  • Materials: wood, metal, electronic bits
  • Tools Needed: Soldering iron, solder, glue, and basic tools (not included)
  • Batteries: 1 x Sun (indoor light is acceptable, too)
  • Designed in a partnership between Solarbotics and Martin Raynsford
  • Dimensions: approx. 4" x 3.75" x 3.75"

Solarbotics Perpetual Motion Marble Kit Video:

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