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Tactical Fire Striker Pen

This product is no longer available

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Fiery words.

  • A brilliant tactical pen - with the secret ability to start fires.
  • Integrated fire striker hides inside the tactical body.
  • Pen can transform into keychain size, too!

Tactical Fire Striker Pen

"The pen is mightier than the sword." "Fight fire with fire." Two very-often-said sayings that are said often. Well, what if we smashed them together? How mighty, then, would a pen be with the power to start fire? It could fight swords and fire (and, presumably, fire-swords) with ease. Behold, there is such a pen, and it is the Tactical Fire Striker Pen.

Twist the tip to get the pen part - that much is standard. But unscrew the clip section of the Tactical Fire Striker Pen and you'll reveal the fire striker. Then, just use the ridges on the part you just unscrewed to scrape the fire striker and make sparks. Make sparks in the right place, and you've made fire. The Tactical Fire Striker Pen is the perfect pen to have in case of emergency: you can write a "get help" message and then retreat to your cave and warm your toesies while you wait!

Tactical Fire Striker Pen

  • An awesome tactical pen with a fire-y secret (it's got a fire striker in it).
  • Screw off the clip end and rub the grooves against the exposed fire striker for sparks (do it in kindling for fire).
  • Pen body is made of t6061 aircraft aluminum.
  • Twist to get pen.
  • Unscrew clip end and fire striker, and screw on included keychain end for a keychain pen!
  • Black ink (refill: Ministar F, Model #D ISO 12757-2 DOC SWISS F)
  • Dimensions: approx. 6.1" long.

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