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Doctor Who Yahtzee

This product is no longer available

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Doctor Dice

  • The classic Yahtzee game, with a healthy dose of Doctor Who.
  • Choose your side: TARDIS or Dalek
  • Each comes with Doctor Who-themed dice

Rolling dice is fun. So is poker. That's why everyone loves Yahtzee - it combines the best of both worlds. Well, let's all travel through timey-wimey stuff and gaze upon these two new versions. Yup, if you want to play Doctor Who Yahtzee, you're going to have to pick a side.

There are two flavors of Doctor Who Yahtzee: Dalek and TARDIS. The Dalek comes with a Dalek dice cup (a.k.a., statue you can hide things in) and custom dice featuring some of the Doctor's favorite things. And the TARDIS comes with a (you guessed it) TARDIS dice cup (also hollow, also awesome) with custom dice showing off some of the Doctor's most fearsome enemies. Doctor Who Yahtzee is a fun game, but even without the game, the dice cups that come with these two versions of Yahtzee are a collector's dream!

Product Specifications

  • For Ages 8 and up.
  • Play the classic dice game with a healthy dose of Doctor Who
  • TARDIS Features:
    • Dice showcase 6 of the Doctor's most notorious villains (Robot Mummy, The Silence, Weeping Angel, Sontaran, Cyberman, and Dalek)
    • The dice shaker looks like the TARDIS!!
  • Dalek Features:
    • Dice showcase 6 of the Doctor's favorite things (Sonic Screwdriver, River's Diary, K-9, Fourth Doctor's Scarf, Eleventh Doctor's Fez, and the TARDIS)
    • Dalek's eyestalk, plunger arm, and blaster are all somewhat poseable
  • Dice feature printed images - no cheapo stickers here
  • Includes: TARDIS or Dalek dice shaker, 5 dice, one little pencil, score pad, and instructions.
  • (Relative) Dimensions:
  • Dice: 18mm cubed
    • TARDIS: approx. 3.6" x 3.6" x 7"
    • Dalek: approx. 4" x 5.4" x 7"

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