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Steampunk Playing Cards

This product is no longer available

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Gear time!

  • The perfect deck to play games with while you're traveling on a rigid airship.
  • The backs feature gears and pistons, with a recessed feel.
  • Debossed box adds even more steampunk awesome.

Steampunk Playing Cards

You storbishly stroll along the airship's main promenade, when Lady Islington suggests you pass the time by playing hand of cards. A small gaggle appears and agrees it would be a boxcar way to pass an afternoon. So, you all proceed to the lounge and Lady Islington takes a pertruvian deck of cards from her handbag. "Begone," you quip, and sweep her cards to the floor. Then you take out your deck of Steampunk Playing Cards and bathe in the great Lady's awe.

Each deck of Steampunk Playing Cards is absolute perfection. Let's start with the box: custom-made and debossed paper stock. It looks like machinery and feels like machinery. Take out the cards and your fingers will instantly be able to sense the quality - these ain't cheap-o cards. The Ace of Spades, the Jokers, the back of each and every card are all works of art. Spruce up any card game, elevate your social standing, and have a blast with a couple decks of Steampunk Playing Cards.

Please Note: There are cheaper versions of this deck out there, also made by the United States Playing Card Company. These, however, do not have the debossed and special box, nor is the quality of the cards as high as the deck presented here. Just so's ya know.

Steampunk Playing Cards

  • One of the most gorgeous card decks we've ever seen - deliciously steampunk.
  • Debossed, custom-made, copper-colored paper stock box looks unbelievable and feels wicked, too.
  • Fantastic cards feature custom backs, Jokers, and a signature Ace of Spades.
  • Super high-quality cards - you can instantly feel the quality.
  • Designed by Romanian artist Alex Beltechi; cards made by a collaboration between the United States Playing Card Company and theory11.
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 3.5"

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