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The Bartender's Toolbox

This product is no longer available

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A confluence of domains

  • Gorgeous set of bartender's tools
  • Designed to look like a collection of hand tools
  • Handsome toolbox included

If you want to know how ThinkGeek finds products, it starts with the venerable Venn Diagram. Drawing a large circle represents a group of customers; a collection of people with a common interests, be they Star Wars fans, people who like the color green, or have an interest in workmen's tools. Another circle, intersecting but not wholly contained within the first, represents a second set. They might be Felicity fans, people with six fingers on their right hand, or pirates.

The confluence of those people, those in the intersection, represent a probably under-served group of people that desperately want a product designed just for them. In this case, we've found the confluence of aficionados of fine adult beverages, and those who love tools.

A hammer that's also a bottle opener, a saw that's also a citris knife, a corkscrew that's also a screwdriver, a cocktail strainer that's also a spackle knife, garnish skewers that are also nails, and a jigger that's... well, that's all it is, but you have to have a jigger to complete the set, right?

Product Specifications

  • A collection of bartender's tools designed to look like a toolkit
  • Perfect gift for dads
  • Materials: Plastic case, stainless steel tools
  • Care: Wash with soap & water
  • Dimensions: 13 x 2.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Includes:
    • Hammer Bottle-Opener
    • Citrus Knife / Saw
    • Corkscrew Screw Driver
    • Spackle Strainer
    • 4 Nail Olive Picks
    • Jigger
    • Handsome black toolbox

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