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Cold Fusion

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On Tap

You can get your standard, run-of-the-mill, "hot" fusion, too, but the closest place that has it on tap is around 93 million miles away, so it's not like you can just drop in. And the stuff in the can just isn't the same.

Cold fusion. May or may not exist. May or may not be the same as LENR (low energy nuclear reactions). What do we know? We know if it does exist, it'd produce low-cost energy without burning limited fossil fuel resources or creating nuclear waste. Which is a plus, and it'd be much more practical than standard fusion or fission. It could possibly be the sort of think you'd keep in your basement. As opposed to being something you keep in the basement of your enemy who is far, far away. And if it's that sort of thing, we'd be one of the first to try it. Early adopters get the worm. Wait, no. Tequila drinkers get the worm? Somebody gets a worm. Pass us the beer.

The words "Cold Fusion" in dark blue with a bit of frost and a Rutherford-Bohr model atom on a violet blue, 100% cotton shirt.

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