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Adventurer Dungeon-Building Dice Sets

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Each roll is a new dungeon.

  • Roll the dice and connect for an instant dungeon.
  • Each die "connects" to each other die by two pathways.
  • Five six-sided dice (each side of each die is different) give you tons of different dungeons.

 Adventurer Dungeon-Building Dice Set

You leave the accursed outhouse, where you had been waiting until the blasphemous monks left. You creep down a noisome hallway, pick a few locks, and find yourself facing a spiral staircase leading down to a statue. It is a statue of the Nameless One - as squamous and loathsome as the real thing. You slink close, pick the foetid sapphire from its fourth hand, and begin running. The land seems to change as you run - first a barracks, then a labyrinth, then a camp. What's going on?!? And such would be your life, if you lived on the Adventurer Dungeon-Building Dice Set.

To say we love the Adventurer Dungeon-Building Dice Set is an understatement. Each die is different, and each die features 6 different bits of environment (different from each other, so 30 different rooms). Each environment has two entry/exit points per side that line up to every other environment. So, you roll the dice and link them up however you want and BOOM! Instant dungeon. You can have a dungeon crawl anywhere - waiting in line in the cafeteria, for example. With an Adventurer Dungeon-Building Dice Set in your pocket, you'll always be only a roll away from adventure!

For a key of some of the symbols on the dice, click here.

 Adventurer Dungeon-Building Dice Set

Adventurer Dungeon-Building Dice Set

  • Always keep a randomly-created dungeon with you with this dice set.
  • Five dice per set.
  • Each d6 has six different dungeon environments for a total of 30 different rooms per set.
  • Each room has two entry/exit points per side, so they "connect" to each other in any orientation. All three sets connect like this!
  • Great for the DM on the go!
  • Designs are etched in, for long lasting play!
  • Three Different Sets To Choose From!
    • Building Set 1 - 30 rooms
    • Building Set 2 - 30 more rooms
    • Cavern Set - tunnels and caves and underground stuff
  • Dimensions: 1" square.

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