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Biocynclear Natural Cleaning Solution

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Clean & sanitize

  • Grew out of the process to clean computer chips
  • Cleans & sanitizes all hard surfaces
  • Kills evil microorganisms like the flu

Is the cabinet under your sink bursting with chemicals of all colors? You've got your dish soap, your dishwasher soap, your antibacterial scrub, your antibacterial wipes, your hand soap, your hand sanitizer, your floor-washing detergent, your quick cleanup floor wipes... and who knows exactly what's in those things. Magic and probably a bit of deadly stuff. Not the best combination, especially for houses with children or pets.

BIOCYNCLEAR™ was created to be the world's most effective and safest cleaning solution. BIOCYNCLEAR™ natural green formulation is produced from a patented process used in the cleaning of integrated computer chips. Because of the size and complexity of their design, no contamination could be present internal to their circuitry-no oils, dirt, organic material or live microorganisms. BIOCYNCLEAR™ uses that same technology to clean any hard contact surface including your cell phone, iPads, HDTV, counter top, DVD player or anything that you or your children might touch. BIOCYNCLEAR™ uses a complex form of oxygen activated water in combination with a proprietary natural ingredients to oxidize and breakdown oils and organic materials while deactivating any living microorganisms that might be present on the surface. It also changes the surface tension of the treated surface allowing for the efficient removal of all contamination as well as leaving a static free surface.

Bullet Headline

  • Breaks down oil, removes contaminants, deactivates potentially infectious microorganisms
  • Antimicrobial effective to >99.99% using USP34 <1072> test protocol
  • Non-toxic, non-irritating, non-mutagenic
  • Contains no alcohol, corrosive ingredients, solvents, or polymers
  • Safe for use on virtually any surface or material
  • Cleans with no streaking or residue
  • Reduces static charge on electronic surfaces
  • Biodegradable & packaged in recyclable materials
  • Includes: 3.4oz of Biocynclear and a 9 x 5.5 inch cleaning mitt

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