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Elemensus: Periodic Table Spelling Board Game

This product is no longer available

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Co-Sm-I-C F-U-N

  • Build words using tiles with elemental symbols on them.
  • The more strange the symbol the more points you'll score.
  • Build all these words on a detailed image of the Orion constellation.

 Elemensus: Periodic Table Spelling Board Game

Here's a weird thought: space is full of stars and stars are full of space. And inside of both space and stars are all sorts of elements flying around. So, let's continue this stream of consciousness writing and compare elements making everything to letters making words. See where we're going here? We don't. BUT, if you like building words out of letters in a game setting AND you love yer elements, then Elemensus: Periodic Table Spelling Board Game is the perfect game for you.

Elemensus: Periodic Table Spelling Board Game has a long name because we want to make sure you knew exactly how awesome it is. It plays like other word construction games, but instead of just letters, you're using element symbols. Example: You play the tiles Praseodymium + Iodine + Nitrogen + Carbon + Einsteinium + Sulfur and you've scored big points by spelling: PrINCEsS. You'll score points based on the sum of the atomic numbers of the tiles you've played! And, if you're stuck, you can always flip the tiles over to the Dark Matter side with some easy individual non-elemental letters to help (but they'll deduct points from your word). Elemensus: Periodic Table Spelling Board Game is ready to take your spelling to the next level: atomic!

Elemensus: Periodic Table Spelling Board Game

  • For Ages 7 and up.
  • Spell words with elements.
  • Each tile has the name of the element, the element's symbol, and the atomic number (which is how many points you'll snag if you use it).
  • Play on a board which is based on a very detailed image of the Orion constellation (for even more science)!
  • Players: 2-4
  • Includes: 162 double-sided element letter tiles, Orion constellation board, Elemensus tile trays, rules sheet with a Periodic Table, single die.
  • Dimensions:
    • Tile: approx. 0.75" square
    • Game Board: approx. 20" square

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