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Panda Poo Paper Journal

This product is no longer available

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Write on poo.

  • The paper of this journal is actually made from panda poop.
  • No trees were cut down to make any of this paper - just poop.
  • Perfect for writing down all your crappy ideas.

 Panda Poo Paper Journal

Pandas are cute. They sneeze and scare their elders. They eat bamboo. They do kung fu. What isn't cute is how much they poop. All that poop just plopping all over the place. Well, there's finally a use for that poo. Presenting, the ultimate in crap-tacular writing experiences: the Panda Poo Paper Journal.

And yes, the Panda Poo Paper Journal is really made from poop (about 85% poop and 15% other natural waste fibers) - but absolutely no trees were cut down to make them. See, pandas eat a lot of veggies, and their poop is full of all the fibers their bodies couldn't digest. So, that poop is gathered, rinsed (it don't stink, don't worry), boiled, mixed with a little extra bit of natural fibers, and then magically turned into paper. Each Panda Poo Paper Journal is, therefore, slightly unique. Also, each page features random flecks of ex-vegetable/ex-poop. Panda Poo Paper Journals are great for writing down all your ideas (good and crappy), while saving the environment and carrying around poo. Panda Poo Paper Journal - save the trees; write on poop.

Panda Poo Paper Journal

  • A gorgeous little journal made form only the finest panda poop available.
  • Yes, it's actually made of poop - no trees were cut down to make these journals.
  • Colors are dyed with natural, eco-friendly soy-based inks.
  • Paper is mostly poop (with about 15% other natural waste fibers, such as banana stock fiber, corn husk, etc.).
  • Made in Thailand, with a flex-work cottage-based manufacturing production framework, where many of the crafts people (over 95% females) have the opportunity to work at home with flexibility to attend to their own seasonal harvesting commitments.
  • 30 blank pages (with flecks . . . of ex-poo).
  • Dimensions: approx. 8" x 7.75" 0.8"

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