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Zombie Bunny Lollipops Four Pack

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Four undead rabbits for you to lick.

  • Set of four gory zombie bunnies for you to eat with your face parts.
  • Delicious cotton candy flavor.
  • Eat them before they eat you.

Zombie Bunny Lollipops

A deserted kitchen. A table, stained with red food coloring. On the table a pan of brownies. The lighting is dim and flickers. Silence and fear hang in the air like disturbed flour. The camera zooms into the brownie pan. It was the last resting place of the bunny lollipops - now buried. A creepy note sounds and a scratching is heard. Suddenly, a candy paw shoves up through the brownie. It pulls the rest of its mangled body out of the "ground" and roars. It is followed by its peers. The Zombie Bunny Lollipops have come back to get the living!

Each set of Zombie Bunny Lollipops gets you four lollipops. They may look splattered and spattered in gore and blood, but they definitely don't taste like dead things. They are a delicious cotton candy flavor. AND, they are individually wrapped, so you can easily share them with your non-dead friends. Zombie Bunny Lollipops- eat them, before they eat you!

Please Note: There are variations in the zombie bunny blood spatter color, as they are all hand poured just for you. All of them. Just. For. You.

For nutrition information, click here.

Please Note: There's a packaging error that says these are apple flavored. They ain't. They taste like delicious cotton candy. That is all (except for the rest of the words below).

Zombie Bunny Lollipops

  • Set of four lollipops for you to eat or share (each is individually wrapped to help with sharing).
  • Each pop looks like a zombie bunny, but tastes like cotton candy.
  • Net Wt: approx. 4oz.
  • Dimensions: approx. 2.125" x 3.5" x 0.25" (just the edible part).

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