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Zombie Valentine's Day Cards

This product is no longer available

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Happy Valentine's Braaaaaaains.

  • Classic looking Valentine's Day cards - each invaded by zombies.
  • Four different designs (one of each per pack).
  • Envelopes included at no additional charge!

Some people like to go for the classic sort of Valentine's Day card. The one that is all hearts and cherubs and rabbits popping out candy eggs. There is the other sort that likes the exact opposite: snarky and silly pictures and humor. Combine the two, add a dash of the undead (because, really, what doesn't get better with a dash of the post-living?) and you have these hauntingly love-filled Zombie Valentine's Day Cards.

There are four different cards in each pack of Zombie Valentine's Day Cards, so you can make sure each person on your list gets just the right card. The art is in the style of classic cards, but with zombies and gore added in. Our favorite is the Lady and the Tramp one - just for the worry of what the boy zombie would push over to the girl zombie with his nose. Of course, with each set of Zombie Valentine's Day Cards you also get envelopes to facilitate the sending of them - absolutely free! Sorry we use that joke three times on this page; it just tickles us. Just like Zombie Valentine's Day Cards will tickle the pus-filled, filth-oozing, maggot-infested, love-gorged, chocolate center of your cold, undead heart. Awww.

Zombie Valentine's Day Cards

  • Four classic-looking Valentine's Day Cards - with at least 200% more zombies.
  • Printed on beautiful card stock with nothing inside but some extra scary drawings (aka: add your own lovey greeting).
  • One of each style per pack.
  • Four free envelopes with each order!
  • Dimensions: 5" x 7" (or 7" x 5" depending on the design).

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