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Star Trek Enterprise Glassware Set

Invented at ThinkGeek

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

For Enterprising Gifters

  • Set of 4 Star Trek: The Original Series glasses
  • Feature Starfleet Command Division Insignia and the words U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701
  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive!

If you could sit down for a drink with any member of the original Star Trek crew, who would it be? Spock's smart, but logic and fun conversation don't always mix. Kirk knows how to have a good time, but he might end up ditching you for some hottie with green skin. (Unless you are a hottie with green skin.) How about Bones? Sure, his disposition is sour, but he's got a cutting wit.

Whomever you choose, ThinkGeek has just the glass for the occasion. It's also the perfect gift for your 23rd century housewarming (shipwarming?) or wedding present: the Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Glassware Set. This set of 4 elegant glasses can hold your Romulan Ale, Saurian Brandy, Scotch, or Altair Water (as well as your orange juice or milk). The question is: can you say the same?

Product Specifications

  • Set of 4 glasses with the Starfleet Command Division Insignia and the ship's name and registry
  • Officially-licensed Star Trek: The Original Series merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive!
  • Capacity: 7 oz. (old-fashioned)
  • Materials: Glass
  • Dimensions: 2 3/4" diameter, 3 1/2" tall
  • Weight: 8 oz. each / 2 lbs. set
  • Not dishwasher or microwave safe but replicator safe

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