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Star Wars Mints

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

These are the mints you've been searching for.

  • Two different mint choices, each with deliciously fresh minty Star Wars goodness.
  • R2-D2 has droid-shaped mints and the Death Star has little disks.
  • Awesome reusable tins for holding little Star Wars goodies.

There are many stinky things in the Star Wars universe. The guts of a Tauntaun, for example. The stuff stuck to the walls of the Death Star's trash compactor (you know, that stuff that, no matter how hard you scrub, never comes off), for another example. Or, perhaps the worst example, Darth Vader's breath. That's why these Star Wars Mints were really invented - as a nice way to tell the Dark Lord his breath could kill a bantha.

And now we can offer these Star Wars Mints to you! Each comes in a neato tin, which you can reuse again and again. We keep our action figure accessories in them. Choose from R2-D2, Death Star, two of each, or one of each. The Artoo units have little droid-shaped mints and the Death Star has disk-shaped mints (like a flattened Death Star). Don't be a Breath Vader - cure your halitosis with some Star Wars Mints.

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Star Wars Mints

  • Very minty mints that come in one of two awesome Star Wars Tins.
  • Choose from R2-D2 (single or 2 pack), the Death Star (single or 2 pack), or get 'em both (one of each).
  • R2-D2 tin has droid-shaped mints; Death Star tin has disk-shaped mints.
  • Stats:
    • R2-D2 Mints
      • Net Wt.: 35g (approx. 120 mints)
      • Tin Dimensions: approx. 1.75" diameter x 2.75" tall.
    • Death Star Mints
      • Net Wt.: 30g (approx. 95 mints)
      • Tin Dimensions: approx.2" diameter.

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