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Army Men Candles

This product is no longer available

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  • These soldiers are ready to burn for your special occasion - 'cause they're candles!
  • Five soldiers per package, one of each style.
  • Also good for stunt doubling your plastic Army Men. You know why.

 Army Men Candles

When we were small, we were told not to play with matches. Somehow, though, many of our toys happened to catch on fire and burn. (Ok, so the old one sometimes burned, but there was always one mint-in-package in a climate controlled environment for later.) The usual human torches were normally the generic plastic army men. Well, guess what? It's time to set some on fire again. Not your toys, silly, these Army Men Candles.

Army Men Candles are exactly what you'd think they'd be based on their name. They're the same color as the toys of yore, about the same size, and are fully sculpted in 3D. That last bit just means that Army Men Candles are not flat or only sculpted on one side. Oh no. It's like setting your old toys on fire, except more waxy. Soldier up any cake, militarize any birthday, or stunt-toy-a-lize any indy film shoot. Army Men Candles - wish on 'em if you got 'em, soldier!

Army Men Candles

  • Just like the soldiers you played with as a kid, except this time they're supposed to be set on fire.
  • Perfect for candle toppers or stunt men for indy films.
  • Same color as the classic Army Men.
  • Full 3D sculpt.
  • 5 candles per set (1 of each style): Radio Man, Binocular Dude, Bazooka Guy, Flamethrower Chap, and Grenade Gent.
  • Dimensions: approx. 2.25-1.8" tall (depending on the dude).

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