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VMeter USB Midi Controller

This product is no longer available

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Program & jam

  • A class compliant USB MIDI device
  • Just about all software can receive data from it
  • Super responsive touch strip for fast reactions

Now that the laptop has become the new desktop (and the iPad has become the new laptop), it's tempting to do everything on the go. But try composing or editing music while enjoying a latte at Starbucks and you'll find yourself seriously lacking in the tactile input department. There's a reason why musicians generally need racks of equipment at their disposal... you just can't play music so well with a keyboard and mouse.

VMeter is a USB MIDI touch strip that provides nuanced musical control and visualization for DJs and other laptop musicians. Blue LEDs react to volume, touch or MIDI. The versatile touch strip is actually several controllers in one, giving you new ways to "play" effects and tracks. Multiple controllers in one provide anything from simple track fader to sophisticated virtual instrument controller. The VMeter isn't just for music! It can also be used for anything from a system monitor to a robotics controller.

Product specifications

  • A class compliant USB MIDI device
  • Just about all software can receive data from it
  • Use it for anything from a volume control to a system monitor to a robotics controller
  • Applications are only limited by your imagination (well, maybe programming skills too)
  • Super responsive touch strip for fast reactions
  • Blue LEDs can act like a VU meter, touch tracker, or MIDI envelopes for animation
  • Unlimited number of VMeters can be connected through powered USB hubs
  • Fully configurable: MIDI channel, control #, note #, etc.
  • Outputs include:
    • Position
    • Pressure
    • Touch/Release
    • Note On/Off
    • Pitch Wheel
  • Control Windows XP, 7, and OS X system volume
  • Firmware based on LUFA
  • "Q: Will ______ work with VMeter? A: Find out here."
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: .94"
    • Length: 6.65"
    • Height without feet: .36"
    • Height with feet: .47"
    • Touch length: 4.13"

VMeter USB Midi Controller Videos:

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