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I am Gambit

This product is no longer available

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One cool Cajun

Rogue: Keep getting a static charge from your kisses! Gambit: Must be my electric personality.

"If I've learned anyt'ing about life wit de X-Men… it's dat anyt'ing is possible."

Remy LeBeau is not your average Cajun. For starters, he was born with burning red eyes, something so disturbing that it prompted his parents to abandon him. Raised by a thieves guild who referred to him as le diable blanc, he became a master thief.

After a bit of brain surgery, he was able to better control his mutant powers and became quite adept at flinging playing cards across a room with explosive force. As he put it: "I throw de cards. De cards go boom! End of bad guy. End of story." Thankfully, after meeting Storm, Gambit turned his life around and joined the X-Men.

Now you can be Gambit the card-flinging Cajun with your very own Gambit costume t-shirt. All you need now are some of those fancy contact lenses to change your eye color! Oh, and mutant powers. We always forget that most of y'all don't have those.

100% cotton chestnut colored t-shirt with Gambit costume print on the front.

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