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Plush Unicorn Bouquet

Invented at ThinkGeek

This product is no longer available

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Magical bouquet

  • Roses die, give the magical gift of unicorns!
  • Bouquet of tiny posable unicorns in three colors
  • Unicorns detach from stems for play time

We've never understood why tradition dictates that we give soon-to-be-dead flora to the person we hope to have around for a forever-and-ever relationship. It's really silly if you think about it. We'd much prefer a potted plant that we can see grow year after year or a gaggle of unicorns.

You heard right, a gaggle of unicorns. (Or a "blessing" if you wanna be technical.) Think about it. Unicorns are magical. Love is magical. Unicorns are beautiful. Love is beautiful. Unicorns never fart. Love tries to fart in the other room. A unicorn chaser can make you forget bad things. Love makes you forget bad things.

Give the gift of everlasting magic with our Plush Unicorn Bouquet. This huge bouquet is just as impressive as anything you could get at a dead flower shop. It's wrapped in bright purple paper and a blue bow and contains 11 miniature plush unicorns on removable stems. Why 11? Because our unicorn factory said it's a power number and will bring your relationship good luck!

Important Shipping Note: Due to the superiority complex of the unicorns, this product ships in its own box. The box has the product name printed on the side, so if you are getting it as a gift, we recommend shipping it to your office or a friend's house so it can be a surprise.

Product Specifications

  • Roses die, give the magical gift of unicorns!
  • Bouquet of 11 plush unicorns in a beautiful wrapping
  • Each unicorn is on a "stem" which can be detached
  • Bouquet is wrapped in white and purple paper with a light blue bow
  • Unicorns have posable legs and can stand, sit, lie down, and brohoof
  • Unicorn Dimensions: 3.5" (snout to rump) x 5" (hoof to tip of horn)
  • Bouquet Dimensions: approx. 24" x 16"
  • Ships in its own box to prevent it being crushed by other items
  • Wrapped in clear plastic with purple hearts

Plush Unicorn Bouquet Video:

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