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Crunch Mallows Cereal Marshmallows 3 Pack

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Just the mallows.

  • A package of just cereal marshmallows for your face.
  • Just the good parts for you; no pesky cereal pieces.
  • Oh, the deliciousness.

Crunch Mallows Cereal Marshmallows

We like cereals with mini marshmallows. They add color and sugar and magic and happiness to our cereal. But sometimes (most times) there just aren't enough - or all those healthy cereal bits get in the way. Enough is enough. It's time to take matters into our own hands. That's why we did the happy dance of happiness when we found Crunch Mallows Cereal Marshmallows.

Crunch Mallows Cereal Marshmallows lets you add as many mallows to your cereal as your heart may so desire. Or, add them to your cocoa. Or your rice krispie treats. Or just do what we're doing now and eat them straight. Crunch Mallows Cereal Marshmallows taste just like those mallows that are lucky and charming (wink!wink!), and are just as deliciously magical. Crunch Mallows Cereal Marshmallows - enough for you to share the joy or hoard the crunchy marshmallows for yourself. Either way, your tongue and tummy will smile.

For nutrition information, click here.

Crunch Mallows Cereal Marshmallows

  • Just cereal marshmallows. Nothing else.
  • Soooo good.
  • Great for adding to other cereals, hot cocoa, meatloaf, salad - really, these make any food better. Or just eat them plain.
  • Over 300 mallows per bag.
  • Made in USA.
  • Net Wt.: 1.75oz (approx. 4 regular servings or 1 righteous serving) per bag.

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