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All Glory to the Hypnotoad

This product is no longer available

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Angry Machine

Do not look directly into the Hypnotoad. Ear protection required beyond this point. Goggles positively must be worn while operating this t-shirt. Employees must wash hands before returning to work. Turn Hypnotoad off when not in use.

So we'll admit it. We're addicted to Everybody Loves Hypnotoad.* We just can't stop watching it. Our favorite bit was the cliffhanger at the end of season 2. Did anybody expect that? It left all of us here at ThinkGeek HQ in stunned silence. And we have to agree with Fry that it's really gone downhill since season 3. We don't know if it was the writer's strike of 3004 or the threatened cancellation by the Box Network, but either way, both it and Diagnosis: Hypnosis just haven't been the same. Still, it's worth buying a t-shirt. Not sure why we feel that way. But we feel an overwhelming need to buy the t-shirt.

"All Glory to the Hypnotoad!" is printed in toxic green around an image of the Hypnotoad itself on a brown, 100% cotton shirt.

* Closed captioning provided by the makers of Slurm and Kibbles 'N' Snouts.

*This product is imported.

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