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Japanese Soroban Style Abacus

This product is no longer available

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It’s math, I reckon

  • Modern abacus style with five beads in each row
  • Features a wood frame with brown beads
  • Math skills not included

We bet you knew the abacus was an ancient calculator, but did you know that the tradition of using an abacus is still alive and well? It is especially true in Japan, where it is known as the soroban. The soroban is still widely used in elementary schools to support calculations for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Ideally, with enough use of the soroban you can eventually make all these calculations in your head simply by picturing the soroban mentally. The old saying is true, practice makes perfect.

This abacus has four beads under the reckoning bar in the area known as ‘earth’ and one bead above in the area called (you guessed it!) heaven. Each earth bead has a value of “one” and each heaven bead a value of “five.” Moving from the right of the board to the left, each row increases in value, for example, with the first row equaling one, the second, ten, the third, one hundred and so on. We can’t even calculate how much fun you are about to have with your wee geeks learning math!

Product Specifications

  • The calculator of old, still relevant today!
  • Modern style abacus with four beads on bottom, one on top
  • Features wood frame with brown beads (also wood)
  • No batteries required
  • USB cable not included

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