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Visible G Electroluminescent Charging Cables

This product is no longer available

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Ants Marching to Power

  • USB Charging cables for your Android and Dock-connector iOS devices
  • Electroluminescent fibers light the power flow as it moves down the cabling
  • 80cm long, 31.5 inches

When you plug in your iPhone or Android, you take it as a matter of faith that power is actually moving from your USB connector down to your portable device. Oh, sure - the little battery icon shows that little lightning bolt, but it's hard to see from across the room that charging is taking place. How do you know when it's done? Pick it up, unlock it, go to your battery status panel and check the number. Tedious, and visually dull.

When we spotted these little electroluminescent charging cables, we did a little dance and squeed like a Brony! Embedded in this charging cable is a filament of electroluminescent cabling that glows as the charge flows down the cable. As it glows, it appears to "march" down the length of it towards your device, giving you instant visual feedback that power is flowing! The longer you watch, the more you notice the little blue glowing "ants" march slows and trickles to a near dead stop. Now you know your device is fully charged, and is now maintaining a charge in sort-of maintenance mode. Neat!


  • USB Charging cables for your Android and iOS devices that support Dock-Connector
  • Thin blue electroluminescent filament helps you visualize the power flow down the cable
  • The faster the "march," the more power is flowing
  • Compatible with:
    • All Android devices that support microUSB
    • All iOS devices excluding iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th Generation, Ipad 4th Generation, iPad Mini
    • Not compatible with Lightning connector without the dock adapter
  • 80cm long (31 inches)
  • Supports high-amp "rapid charging" modes for power-hungry devices

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