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Warehouse 13 Animated Maquettes

This product is no longer available

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From America's attic to you...

  • Ace techie Claudia and jokester Pete
  • Shrunken to 6" tall, just for you
  • Richly detailed and hand painted

Claudia: Okay, looks like the problem is in the gooery.
Pete: What's a gooery?
Myka: I'm guessing it's Claudia-speak for the neutralizer processor center.
Claudia: Uh-huh.
Pete: Right, of course.

If there was an attic that contained all the weirdest, spookiest things from all over the United States, it would probably be crazy fun to explore. A bit dangerous, but crazy fun. So when Warehouse 13 aired, with the very premise that such a place existed, we were hooked. Throw into the mix some great characters like ace techie Claudia and jokester Pete and we become maquette-needing fanboys and fangirls.

The Warehouse 13 Animated Maquettes are limited edition collectibles for serious fans. It's amazing how much detail is packed into six inches of height: from Claudia's signature smirk to Pete's polished black shoes, it's all there. Unlike the real Claudia, this one is not made of bamboo, so if you bend her, she'll probably break. But like Pete, your tiny Pete will demand cookies. You just have to listen very carefully to hear him talking to you.

Product Specifications

  • 1:10 scale figures from the sci-fi series, Warehouse 13
  • Richly detailed and exquisitely hand painted
  • Claudia:
    • Stylish black leather jacket, black jeans, high-tops, leather gloves
    • Big brown eyes and magenta-streaked hair
    • Brass colored goggles, handcuffs necklace
    • Signature smirk on her face
    • Tesla in her back pocket
  • Pete:
    • Tailored black suit and blue dress shirt
    • Polished black shoes (made for high speed pursuits)
    • Chiseled good looks
    • Tesla in hand
    • Wants cookies
  • Dimensions: Stands 6" tall on a "rusty" gear-shaped base (4.625" x 0.875")
  • Only 1000 pieces of each figure available worldwide
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity

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