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Massive Dynamic Babydoll

This product is no longer available

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What don't we do?

Just your average multinational corporation specializing in secret bioresearch and defense contracting. Massive Dynamic seems like such an innocent name for a corporation, don't you think? - Peter Bishop, "The Dreamscape"

Officially-licensed Fringe apparel!

Nanotechnology - the bloom is not off the rose. Because of the far-ranging claims that have been made about potential applications of nanotechnology, a number of serious concerns have been raised about how this will affect our society if realized and what actions, if any are deemed appropriate, might be needed to mitigate these risks. This is not Massive Dynamics's concern. We create technology. How it is used is not our concern. We just own the patents.
- Nina Sharp, "Subject 9"

Ah, Massive Dynamic. The company we love to hate. They do some amazing work, as long as you're willing to pay the price. Or, you know, if you're the product of Massive Dynamic or one of its many subsidiaries, you don't so much have to agree. Or if you're under 18 and somebody else can sign you over. Have a headache? We've developed this new drug that just might help. Trials are very promising. Let me get you some to try....

Massive Dynamic logo in white, blue, and black on a heather charcoal, babydoll (fitted) shirt. Also, this has a custom Fringe necktag instead of the standard ThinkGeek one.

*This product is imported.

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