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NASA Cufflinks

This product is no longer available

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One small step for man...

  • Unique space collectible
  • A great gift for a space buff or for graduation
  • 21mm x 17mm x 22mm

The first set of these were unearthed from a dusty basement. So what were they? The artist we purchased them from did some research, trying to find them online somewhere or some clue as to their origin, but found nothing. She's not sure if they were made by NASA, because most of their commemorative items actually say "NASA" and usually have astronauts in the pictures, but they might have been intended to be part of a larger item -- perhaps a plaque or framed collage of sorts? Or maybe they were originally intended for cufflinks or tie tacks and are now fulfilling their destiny. Or they were patches for hamsters in space.

She decided they were awesome enough to commission two new designs in the style of the originals for more recent space events. All of these cufflinks are now made from modern materials, with a nod to the original curiosity.

  • U.S. Moon Landing 1969: One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
  • Stratospheric Skydive 2012: Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking jump broke the sound barrier and has opened the door to new technologies with applications for both NASA and the commercial space flight industry.
  • Mars Rover Curiosity 2012: Curiosity continues JPL's legacy of creating technological marvels to investigate some of the most profound questions of our time, searching the red planet for clues about past life on Mars, and investigating the possibility of future human habitation there.

Each pair has been has been set in bezels and domed with epoxy resin to create sturdy, durable accessories designed to stand the test of time. Silver-plated bullet-style toggle backs.

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