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Carnival Fun Food Kits

This product is no longer available

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A whole carnival - in your kitchen!

  • Some of the greatest carnival foods ever - in kit form!
  • Just add a few household ingredients and a kitchen.
  • Everyone will love you if you make these foods. Promise.

Did you just see that clown go by? Not your boss, that other clown - the one with the floppy feet, crazy wig, and fake nose? We did. He was heading to the carnival in your office kitchen. Take a whiff. Smell the delicious and vaguely nutritious foods? We do! How? 'Cause we're cookin' up some Carnival Fun Food Kits.

There are a few varieties of Carnival Fun Food Kits. You can get the funnel cake kit, which has an awesome funnel; or the corn dog kit, which you just add water and hot dogs to - and then deep fry); or the churros kit, which comes with oh so lovely cinnamon sugar; or the soft pretzel kit, where you can practice your knot-tying skills. Or, do like we would: get them all and pig out! Carnival Fun Food Kits will bring the fun of carnival gorging to your home, office, or anywhere you have a kitchen!

For nutrition information, click here.

 Carnival Fun Food Kits

Carnival Fun Food Kits

  • These kits help you make the carnival foods you love in the comfort of your own home or office or something.
  • Just add some common kitchen stuff (like stove, eggs, water, oil, hot dogs, fire, that sort of thing). Common kitchen stuff not included.
  • Choose from: Funnel Cake (with funnel), Corn Dogs (with sticks), Churros (with star-shaped pastry bag), and Soft Pretzels (with salt).
  • Net Wt.:
    • Funnel Cake: 9.6 oz (makes 8 funnel cakes)
    • Corn Dogs: 16 oz (makes 12 corn dogs)
    • Churros: 8.6 oz (makes 28 churros)
    • Soft Pretzels: 12.75 oz (makes 8 soft pretzels)

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